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"Sam is a great teacher. Right from the very beginning, I can tell that his motivation is really for people to learn guitar so they can worship Jesus. He's also a gifted communicator. I feel like he's talking to me in the same room when he's teaching. He also teaches in a way that makes it easier for me to learn because of how he systematically organized the lessons. This is definitely one of the best investments I've made."

Learn Guitar to Worship Alumni
"I knew some basic chords going into this course. Now I am leading worship songs in a small group. Thank you for bringing me to the next level!"
Learn Guitar to Worship Alumni
"Taking this course has opened a new world to me. I never saw the patterns of chords for each key before. Now that Sam has explained it, it seems so obvious. The chords that Sam uses sound so nice and are easy to play together for each key. I just love what I have learned! I have a new passion for worship guitar again. Thank you Sam."

Learn Guitar to Worship Alumni